Dental Savings Plan

As your trusted dental care provider, we understand the importance of prioritizing your oral health. In order to make quality dental care more accessible and cost-effective for our patients, we are pleased to offer a discounted dental savings plan. This comprehensive plan is designed to cover a wide range of dental treatments at a discounted rate, providing you with significant savings throughout the year. With no yearly maximum or deductible, our customizable plans ensure that you receive unlimited benefits and value each year, all backed by our Price for Life Guarantee.

Standard Plan

Basic Plan and more ...

Only $499

This comprehensive Standard Plan is designed to provide patients with all necessary dental services and examinations to support their oral health needs. It includes a thorough array of X-rays, such as Full Mouth Series, Bitewing X-rays, and Panoramic Image as determined essential by the attending dentist. Moreover, the plan features two Periodic Exams annually, a Comprehensive Exam for New Patients or Patients of Record, and one Limited Exam during an emergency visit. Patients will also benefit from two Prophy Cleanings, Oral Cancer Screening, and a 10% discount off the dentist fees for exquisite white resin restorations (please note that this excludes crown build-ups). Additional PA's or periapical x-rays may be performed at the discretion of the dental professional.

Begin your savings journey with our comprehensive Standard Plan, known to deliver remarkable savings ranging typically between $974 to $1500 or More depending on your dental needs. As a member, you will instantly unlock exclusive discounts on a variety of services at a 100% starting rate. Additionally, enjoy a 10% discount on all exquisite white restorations. With no deductibles, maximums, claims, or denials, this membership is a smart investment that quickly pays for itself. Embark on your path to savings and optimal dental care today.

Periodontal Plan Plus

Standard Plan Plus Perio Care

Only $599

Enjoy every bit of our Standard Plan Plus Periodontal

This membership offers all the standard plan benefits, with the added benefit of an extra cleaning per year, for up to three cleanings, or a periodontal maintenance visit as determined by your dental provider. This enhancement increases the value of the plan and ensures comprehensive oral care.

Members receive a 100% discount on preventative services, as well as a 10% discount on white restorations and extractions. Additionally, members enjoy a 15% discount on the doctor's fees for scaling and root planing or a full mouth debridement procedure, as deemed necessary by your dentist.

This plan is particularly advantageous for individuals with periodontal concerns, as traditional insurance plans often provide limited coverage for periodontal treatments. By enrolling in this membership, you eliminate the hassles of deductibles, maximums, and denials commonly associated with insurance plans, ensuring seamless access to high-quality dental care.

Platinum Plan Plus

Standard, Perio, Plus

All Major Restorative

Only $699

Introducing our exclusive Platinum Plan, elevating your dental care experience to unparalleled levels of excellence. This all-inclusive package encompasses our standard and Perio Plan Plus benefits, enriched with an additional ultra-glamorous feature for major restorations.

With this plan, enjoy a generous array of discounts: 100% on preventative care, 10% on basic procedures, 15% on Perio treatments, and an impressive 20% off on all major restorative procedures, with unlimited visits throughout the year. The value and savings offered by this plan are unmatched, ensuring that your dental needs are not only met but exceeded with every visit.

What sets our Platinum Plan apart is the Price for Life Guarantee, providing a 20% discount on all major procedures performed in our office – from implants and crowns to bridges, veneers, root canals, partials, and dentures. This guarantee ensures that you receive the highest quality care at a fraction of the cost, with potential savings of up to $5000 or more, depending on your treatment requirements.

Say goodbye to the limitations and uncertainties of traditional insurance plans. Our Discount Dental Plan offers a seamless and hassle-free experience, free from deductibles, maximums, missing tooth clauses, claims, denials, downgraded treatment plans, frequency limits, and confusion. With our Platinum Plan, your dental care is not just covered – it's enhanced, ensuring that you receive the best possible treatment while saving significantly on your overall dental expenses.

Insurance is never a guarantee of payment but our Discount Dental Plan is ! Never any deductibles, no maximums, no missing tooth clauses, no claims ! NO denials ! NO Downgraded treatment plans by insurance ! No Frequency Limitations ! This membership has got everything you need !!!

Exclusions and Limitations Apply
This program is a discount plan , not a dental insurance plan. It cannot be used in conjunction with any other plan , for treatment nor in the sole opinion of the doctor that lies outside the realm of his capabilities, such as referrals from our office to specialists, hospitalizations, urgent care, workers comp, medical, automobile, accidental nor other charges of any kind outside this office. This savings plan is intended for the individual patient and is not transferable to another party or family member. Price of Life is the life of the plan and yearly renewals do apply. This discount savings plan cannot be combined with any other offers nor dental carriers. All plans must be paid annually ; only plans renewed annually are guaranteed. All other fees subject to discount must be paid at the time of each visit . All plans are subject to review annually and can change at the doctor's discretion upon renewal . If not renewed there is no guarantee of keeping your same rate if a lapse occurs. Individual plans are per patient. Other rules may apply.


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